Yes, hybrid flooring has great waterproof qualities. constructed with a multi-layer board, The main components of Hybrid flooring are engineered with a combination of compounds to form an exceptionally stable and durable composite material. Peninsula Flooring Direct have a comprehensive range of wide and long planks in stunning designs reflecting the natural beauty of real timber.

This hybrid waterproof flooring is designed for the worst of life’s accidents and still come out on top, it’s durable and incredibly functional for living rooms, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, and so much more.

Is water-resistant flooring as good?
The big difference between waterproof flooring and water-resistant flooring is it’s level of durability. Water-resistant flooring will hold up well in the face of accidental spills. But if you want flooring that can withstand major incidents, waterproof flooring is the ideal choice. Many waterproof flooring ranges allow for more time to act in case of spills or leaks. And they can often be salvaged after major incidents like flooding.

Is hybrid waterproof flooring hard to install?
Hybrid flooring is relatively simple to install without any nails or glue over the top of the underlayment, floating above the subfloor. The individual planks are also removable and re-replaceable. While some DIY’s say you could do it yourself, for piece of mind and a great looking, long-lasting floor, professional installation is recommended. Peninsula Flooring Direct have years of experience installing Hybrid Flooring in homes around Melbourne’s South East suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.