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Since we first started in the flooring industry in 1987, we have worked together with our clients to create the right flooring solution to transform their property. We specialise in supplying and installing carpet, hybrid flooring, timber flooring and laminate flooring.

Family run carpet & flooring business since 1987


An elegant, comfortable and luxurious choice for your home, rental property or office. Carpet is known for its superior noise reduction and high insulation, also providing a vast variety of colour, style types.

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Timber flooring provides a classic look that transforms an ordinary area into an elegant and stylish room with its natural beauty, warmth and luxury feel

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Manufactured using the latest flooring technologies, laminates are a high quality flooring option that is scratch resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and low maintenance

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An innovative product that is water, scratch and stain resistant, making it easy to clean and protect. Ideal for wet areas.

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Servicing the Mornington Peninsula

Servicing the Mornington Peninsula

Since we first started in the flooring industry in 1987, we have worked together with our clients to create the right flooring solution to transform their property. We specialise in supplying and installing carpet, hybrid flooring, timber flooring and laminate flooring for the following sectors:

  • Residential – homes, holiday houses and rental properties
  • Retail – shops and centres
  • Commercial – offices and local government buildings
  • Apartment developments
  • Schools

We do this by combining our values of care, trust, quality, communication and experience, with our meticulous attention to detail and practical expertise.

What’s more, no job is too big or too complex for our Peninsula Flooring Direct team.

It’s for these reasons that Peninsula Flooring Direct is recognised as the flooring company of choice by the Mornington Peninsula locals.

Featured Products

Need help choosing the right Carpet & Flooring?

We’ve created technical resources to help you chose the best carpet for you. Click on the links below for more information.

When you choose your ideal carpet material, type and colour, one thing that is essential to consider is what kind of underlay will you use.

Firstly, what is underlay, and why is it important?

Underlay is a material that is laid under your carpet. It provides a cushioning base layer and acts as a noise absorber.

Underlays are essential because they protect your carpet, provide insulation from the cold weather, absorb noise and create a soft, comfortable layer making carpet feel more luxurious.

Types of underlays

Three main types of carpet underlay vary in thickness, density and quality. These are:

  1. Foam underlay. This is manufactured from recycled material, which is eco-friendly and cost-effective. The foam underlay comes in a range of densities. The higher density grades provide better acoustic and thermal insulation.
    Most foam underlays are treated with anti-microbial agents. This means they can protect against germs and allergies spreading by inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth. If you choose a form underlay, make sure you ask if it has been treated.
  2. Felt underlay. This is manufactured from jute, hessian, wool or recycled clothing material. Although this type of underlay is not as popular these days, it is a good product that is used to smooth out a rough subfloor.
  3. Rubber underlay. This type of underlay is one of the most expensive types and has dramatically increased in price recently. It is the best underlay to use over in-slab heating as it allows the heat through, although it does not provide good thermal insulation. The benefits of using rubber underlay include better durability and cushioning effects, compare to the other types of underlays.

If you’d like to know which underlay is best for your flooring, call us on 1800 281 092.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the confidence to choose the right quality and type of carpet for your home and your lifestyle, without relying on a carpet salesman?

After all, your choices are endless… do you want plush, twist or loop pile? Do you want wool, wool blend, nylon, polyester or a polymer made fibre? Which one lasts longer? Which type is more comfortable? Which one is best for high-traffic areas?

The good news, there’s an independent carpet rating scheme created by The Carpet Institute of Australia that has graded all types of carpets, to help consumers buy the right type of carpet their lifestyle.

Best of all, the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) is recognised and used by all the major carpet suppliers in Australia.

What does an ACCS label mean?

An ACCS label gives carpets a star-rating to indicate how well it performs in various situations. The carpet is independently assessed, and performance tested.

The blue and yellow ACCS label is the residential carpet label. This label grades carpets for residential use using a six-star rating.

The black and gold ACCS label is the contract (commercial) carpet label. This label grades carpets for commercial use using a four-star rating.

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In addition, the label residential and contract labels state if the carpet can be used in light, medium, heavy or extra-heavy traffic areas.

In the case of residential areas, we recommend extra heavy use carpets are used in high-traffic areas such as entranceways, stairs, hallways and even children’s playrooms. This will ensure that the carpet is durable and long-lasting.

What’s more, if the carpet is specifically suitable for stairs, it will include a Plus Stairs icon on the label.

The good news is that carpets with an ACCS label automatically carry a statutory two-year warranty.

Typically, manufacturers provide additional warranties; for example, there are new eco-friendly carpets on the market from two leading manufacturers that offer up to 25-year wear and stain protection warranties. Remember to ask what the warranty period is when you choose your carpet.

When you are choosing wool carpets, look out for a Woolmark or Fernmark label, in addition to the ACCS labels. The Woolmark or Fernmark grading schemes are run by the Woolmark Company and Wools of New Zealand, respectively. The labels indicate that the carpet has met specific quality and durability standards.

Finally, make sure that the labels on the carpets you are choosing are genuine by checking that the label has a registration number.

If you’d like to know more about the carpet label ratings, call us on 1800 281 092.

No carpet fibre is ‘better’ than any other. Each fibre material has a variety of qualities and price ranges. The most important point is to choose a fibre, style and construction to suit your lifestyle and budget that’s suitable for the room.

Below is a list of important elements to consider before choosing the right carpet for you:

Step 1: Lifestyle

Firstly, consider where the carpet will be located and what is your lifestyle. Will it be in your family home? If so, will it be used by young children, pets or young adults? Will it be in high traffic or a sunny area? Or are you providing carpet for a holiday house near the beach that needs to be extra durable?

Step 2: Colour

What colour do you prefer? Do you want an earthy tone, a sandy beach look or a natural appearance? It’s important to remember that darker colours will make rooms look and feel smaller, while lighter colours may show dirty marks. When we come to do our free measure and quote, we bring a range of colour samples to see what colours best suit your interior colour styling.

Step 3: Quality and Durability

When choosing carpet, typically the higher the quality, the higher the price. However, the best way to choose the right quality for your needs is to look for the independent Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) performance rating label. The ACCS label gives carpets a star-rating to indicate how well it performs in both residential and contract (commercial) situations. Best of all, the carpet is independently assessed, and performance tested.

Step 4: Wool or Nylon?

There are advantages for wool and nylon carpets, so it is important to consider what benefits are most important to you and your lifestyle.

Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are warm, long-lasting, luxurious and have natural stain resistance properties. Wool carpets are generally more expensive than other fibres; however, wool carpets are good for areas where appearance is important – such as living or formal lounge areas. Wool is hypoallergenic and fire-resistant.

Nylon Carpet

The biggest advantage of a nylon carpet is its ability to hold colour in areas exposed to long periods of direct sunlight or harsh cleaning. Nylon carpets are also long-lasting, tough, durable and have stain resistance properties. Nylon carpets are generally less expensive than other fibres. Nylon carpets are ideal in high traffic areas, rental properties or homes with pets or young children.


Blend carpets are a combination of wool and nylon that gives you the benefits of both, at a lower cost than pure wool carpet.

Step 5: Carpet Style

The next element to consider is the style of carpet you want.

Loop pile carpet is made from individual strands of fibre pulled through the carpet backing to create a loop. It is suitable for high traffic rooms because of its durability, especially for shorter loops. It has a casual look and hides footprints well.

Cut pile carpet is made from loops that are cut at the top. The result is strands of fibre that stand straight up, creating a plush look. Cut pile carpet has a luxurious, formal look, but does show footprints and vacuum cleaner tracks. Cut pile carpet is ideal for pets, as their claws won’t get stuck in the carpet.

Cut & Loop pile carpet is a made up of a combination of cut and looped fibres. This style of carpet works in a variety of rooms and provides warmth with a textured feel and patterned design. As a bonus, the design is also good for hiding dirt and footprints.

To find out how Peninsula Flooring Direct can give you the carpet for your lifestyle call us on 1800 281 092.